Dean works at Lothian Cat Rescue. I met him for the first time last autumn as he helped my family and I choose our wonderful cat Zola. He has been working there for the last 3 years and you can see how much he loves his job when he shows you round.

The shelter is in the countryside in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian. The cats are very well looked after by Dean and the other staff and volunteers.

Of course, when you go to a shelter, you cannot but feel sad about all these cats who are looking for their new home.

Update: Hayley, the old cat in pictures #6 & #7 has found her new home! I am so pleased for her.

Dean travaille dans un refuge pour chats abandonnés. Je l’ai rencontré l’automne dernier. C’est Dean qui nous a aidé à trouver notre chat idéal Zola. Cela fait trois ans que Dean travaille au refuge et il ne faut que quelques instants pour se rendre compte à quel point il est passionné par son travail.

Le refuge se trouve dans la campagne de Bonnyrigg. Les chats y sont aux petits soins mais on ne peut pas s’empêcher de ressentir un peu de tristesse.

Mise à jour: Hayley, le vieux chat des images 6 et 7 a trouvé sa nouvelle maison!





  1. Dean

    Hi Estelle, thanks for coming out to the shelter yesterday to take pictures, glad you enjoyed it. Great pictures, your a talented photographer. Give Zola a cuddle from me.

    Dean x

  2. Pamela Tosh

    Ah, she’s a girl. She reminds me a bit of my old cat – Stevens – who is 19. She may be old but she can still leap up to the top of our bookcase.

  3. Karin Stevens

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dean last year when I was looking to adopt a cat and I was very impressed by his knowledge of all the cats at the Lothian Cat Rescue Centre. I had fallen in love with Buffy’s picture on their website and although I was initially put off when I heard that Buffy was a bit of a biter, it was Dean who convinced me that she wasn’t too bad at all and that she just deserved a chance to show how affectionate she really could be. I’m so glad I let him persuade me to choose Buffy as she turned out to be a wonderful cat and both me and my husband can’t imagine our lives without her now!
    Thanks again Dean, we hope you can give many more cats a happy home.

    • Dean

      Hi Karen, so happy to hear back from you and Buffy. I remember Buffy very well and so pleased she has become one of your family :). Would love to see recent pictures of her if you have any ?. If you could post them on Lothian Cat Rescue’s Facebook page that would be amazing !.

      All the best Dean

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