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Each year, a number of French students come to Scotland to work as Foreign Language Assistants in High schools. It is a way of improving their English and discovering the British way of life.
These students are a great resource for the schools and work mainly with pupils who prepare for their exams.

This year, Anne-Lise was our assistant. She worked wih my Advanced Higher class. She found the perfect material to complete the course I made for my pupils.
Next month, Anne-Lise is going back to Angers in order to do a master in Hispanic Studies. She is passionate about the Hispanic world. In her spare time, she learns Flamenco and reads Garcia Lorca.

I chose to take Anne-Lise’s portrait in her bedroom, the place where the life of a student is summarised, where one finds personal treasures : books, photos and souvenirs.

I think I relate well to the assistants as I, too, was one when I first came to Scotland in 2001.
Chaque année, des étudiants français partent une année en tant qu’assistants dans les collèges-lycées d’Ecosse. C’est une façon d’améliorer leur anglais et de s’immerger dans la culture anglophone. Ils sont aussi une grande ressource pour les écoles et travaillent en priorité avec les élèves qui préparent leurs examens.
Cette année, Anne-Lise était notre assistante. Elle a travaillé, entre autre, avec ma classe de Terminale et a su trouver des ressources intéressantes qui complétaient parfaitement le cours. Un travail précieux.

Anne-Lise rentre à Angers le mois prochain et commencera son Master de recherches d’études hispaniques à la rentrée. Elle est passionnée par le monde hispanophone. Pendant son temps libre, elle apprend le flamenco et lit Garcia Lorca…

J’ai choisi de prendre le portrait d’Anne-Lise dans sa chambre car c’est le lieu où se résume la vie d’un étudiant et où l’on y trouve des trésors personnels : livres, photos et souvenirs.




  1. As one of Anne-Lise’s former teachers, I can imagine how well she performed and how blessed you were having her to help you along with your classes. An impressive student was bound to be a great language assistant…

  2. Anne-Lise Bécavin

    My chance has been to meet and work with people who have made me grow up and become who I am today. I am proud to be a part of your project Estelle. Your photos will be nice souvenirs of my time as a foreign language assistant. Mille mercis…

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