Diana is a teacher in Edinburgh.I met her a few weeks ago at the Parkinson’s singing group.
Diana is charitably minded. She used to work for Barnardos and gives support to other charities.

It was lovely to see her and her two affectionate dogs this morning and to have the pleasure of taking her portrait.


Diana est professeur dans un collège/lycée d’Edimbourg.
Nous nous sommes rencontrées il y a quelques semaines à un cours de chant organisé pour les personnes atteintes de la maladie de Parkinson et leurs familles.
Diana a travaillé pour Barnardos et soutient de nombreuses oeuvres caritatives.

Ce fut un plaisir de la voir ce matin et de faire son portrait.




  1. Diana

    I can cope with snakes, spiders, talking to a thousand people and many other things but I hate having pictures taken! Estelle is fabulous at making her subject feel relaxed (and look human) and I am very grateful. These may be the only pictures taken between when I was about six and until I expire, where I look like me…

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