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This is my father and his collection. My father has always enjoyed antiques and one of his passion is looking for bargains at the flea market. Every time I am back home, I spend time discovering his new finds: books, paintings, sculptures, clocks, ornaments … It is always captivating to listen to the history of these objects and once my dad has done his research my curiosity is always satisfied.


Voici mon père et sa collection. Depuis toujours, Mon père aime les antiquités et une de ses plus ferventes passions est de chiner au marché aux puces, dans les brocantes… Chaque fois que je retourne en France, je passe du temps à découvrir ses nouvelles trouvailles: livres, peintures, sculptures, horloges, bibelots. C’est captivant d’écouter l’histoire de ces objets et une fois que mon père a fait ses recherches ma curiosité est toujours satisfaite.




  1. Really enjoyed this series of shots…the look inside your father’s world, rich and so intriguing. You capture him in his essence, and that is difficult. I can tell I would enjoy talking to him over a pint. Cheers.

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