Native country: France
Adopted country: Scotland

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” N. Hill

When Stéphanie was 14, a visitor to her school gave a presentation on Scotland and Ireland. His talk left a sparkle in her eyes. She was then eager to discover the landscapes and cultures of these unknown countries. In 1998, after her studies, she applied to be an au pair and was chosen by a family in Bridge of Allan, a quaint town near Stirling.

“I really loved the country and it was as beautiful as I expected it to be. Now I see Scotland as my home rather than France. I don’t really miss France that much. I prefer it here.”

Although her overall experience was “fairly easy”, when I asked Stéphanie about any difficulties she might have experienced, she mentioned the Scottish accent which was very different from what she had studied at school. Meeting people and finding a job were also great challenges she had to face in a country she would later call her home.

Stéphanie feels “lucky to be in such a cultural city” and to indulge herself in cultural activities, she works as an usher in a theatre besides her day job in a High School.

Project Update 2015


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