A tête-à-tête:

  • a private conversation between two people
  • an S-shaped sofa on which two people can sit face to face

In 2012, I completed a project entitled “Faces from Around the Corner“. The area I was living in was as anonymous as any other urban area. However, it was also a wonderful place to live in with its diversity and its cultural wealth. With my project, I wanted to meet the people who made this place what it was. Each portrait was a testimonial of the area. I started with people I had met and then, these people introduced me to others. My project ended with an exhibition within the community.

After such a fascinating experience, I was eager to start something similar that would allow me to meet people within their environment – work or home.
In January 2013, I decided to create this weekly blog “Un tête-à-tête” and started photographing my friends, friends of friends, family, neighbours, colleagues and people that I had never met before.
I have taken single portraits or series depending on the time I could spend with my subjects: I spent a day following Seb the farrier but I only had a couple of minutes to take the portrait of Michael the chauffeur. The project took me to extraordinary places: one day, I went up the spiral case and walked across the high roof of Saint Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh and witnessed Kevin wind the beautiful clock. Another day, I visited a ship on Leith’s docks and met the crew from Cape Verde.

Although I first intended to post only for a year, I have decided to keep this blog and to feature new portraits regularly.


All content and images copyright © Estelle Morali-Silver, all rights reserved.
They may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner without written permission of the author.



  1. paulscribbles

    I really like how your portrait work takes in information about the persons surroundings as well as the classic portrait shot itself. I’ll keep popping back to check on the project with interest.

  2. Mic

    Your portraits are beautiful…your subjects all seem so at ease. Wonderful project…I look forward to your new posts as the weeks progress.

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