Project Update

When I was 10, I visited the United States with my primary class. We stayed there for 3 weeks. Speaking another language was the most exciting thing I had ever done. My penfriend, Jocelyn, sent me letters before and after our trip and I loved deciphering the meaning behind each word. My love for languages and different cultures was born!

The main reason I moved to Scotland was to indulge my passion for language and to experience another culture. After studying languages at University in France in 2001, I took the opportunity to go to Scotland for a year to improve my English. The year after, I completed my teaching qualification in Strathclyde University to teach Modern Languages.
I travelled to many places during my first years in Scotland – Mull, Iona, Dumfries, Arran, Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William, Melrose, Saint Andrews and Skye.

At the time, I was a just a visitor.

Little by little, Scotland became my home. I found a job in Edinburgh, I met my husband and we now have two children.
I used to feel French more than anything else. Now, I scare myself with my Britishness!
But most importantly, I am a citizen of the world and an immigrant. I was lucky to choose my home.

So this year, I have decided to take the portraits of other people who just like me decided to live abroad, by choice or by necessity and to tell a bit of their stories.

All content and images copyright © Estelle Morali-Silver, all rights reserved.
They may not be downloaded or reproduced in any manner without written permission of the author.



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